Construtec Trade Fair  – Madrid – 90 m2

Shared stand showing a heating system under stone flooring ( Marbie, Silestone)



To set up a temporary joint-venture in terms of image and for demonstrating the properties of complementary productos such as tile products for Silestone floors and a Uponor pipes system for use in heating or air conditionings homes.

To create a space in witch both brans are present without them cannibalising each other and ensure that each brand works in favour of other, establishing synergies to demonstrate the positive features of each product.

To conserve the independence of each brand, by means of the signage and corporate logos.

To make it possible for both the sales teams to work together in the stand without each interfering with the sales efforts of the other, and ensure that they are separated from each other in the areas used for product demostrations.



To create the spaces in such a way that no “abrupt” division is noticeable, in order not to reduce the use of that space made by each brand.

The idea is to find a solution in terms of space that, in addition to giving each brand its own independence, enables them both to benefit from a complete “open view” of the stand.


Precisely because both products are complementary and  used floor applications a large space was created for demonstrations / viewing that covered the entire space of the stand.

By creating space by means of installing large glass spaces on the floor it was possible to create a demonstration are for the heating/ air conditioning pipes, showing how easy the system is to install in old buildings and  never ones.

The rest of the space was covered with Silestone tiled flooring to show that apart from its appearance and excellent resistance properties, etc, they are fantastic transmitters of heat and cold the perfect solution for this type of installations.

To comply with the objetives of maintaining powerful separate visuals of the logos of both brands a large totem pole was created with the lettering of both logos being backlit and displayed at the top of the pole.

I was also possible to show corporate videos of the brands on each side separately. The sales teams enjoying working in the stand, without experiencing any feeling of claustrophobia, since two separate areas / offices were created, with each one being open to the publick to walk though and obtain commercial information in a natural way.

Each brand had separate graphics areas on the walls, for the purpose of displaying advertising and technical information.

The filtered light achieved though a lit celling made of fabric using a truss created a uniform , confortable atmosphere for working in and for transmitting the idea of being ideal solutions for homeowners in  both comfort and design.


A level of interest among fair visitors that would not have been possible by displaying each brand separately, thanks to the synergy created between both the different applications.

The number of visitors was increased by 40% for each brand, compared to previous editions of the fair.

Considerable economic savings were achieved in terms of installations and management, due to the logical repercussion on the investment made by both brands